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The Answer to Everything

Want to solve the National Debt overnight ?
Abolish the concept of “Freehold”. Oh yes, – howls of anguish from the Duke of Westminster, the Queen and Aristocracy and the greedy post-Thatcherite Generation. But all Land SHOULD belong to the STATE – which is the People of our country in general – one and all : ‘all for one and one for all.’ (Incidently, did you know that Alexander Dumas was not a white man, – but a Fench ‘mulatto’. Yes, really).

But I digress. All property should be Leasehold with the lease rental paid to the Government coffers.There should be a limit on how much of this small and now very over-populated land, that any one individual or family is allowed to lease – and they could be given ‘first refusal’ when the Lease came up for re-newal.

Freehiold is a mainly Norman Conquest conception that the whole of England now belonged to William the Conqueror and that he would satisfy the mercenaries that had fought for him, by giving them huge swathes of ‘Old England’ (that he and his descendants could always take back under a Dictatorial ‘Act of Attainder’.

So my idea sounds Revolutionary ? Well, – why not? We need to think outside the box that we were all indoctrinated into from the cradle. Is it such a bad idea ? Is it not fair and equitable ?

‘Never in the Field of Human Greed, has so much Land been owned by so Few’.