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Bogus Charities

Most Charities are probably crooked – exploiting the massive charity tax-fiddle.They are exempt from normal prosecution and certainly many of them are not run by altruistic people.

Take the Eliabeth Finn charity ; run by an ex colonel who left the army with a bloody good Pension and then slips easily (I wonder how) into a charity from which he draws a salary in excess of £120,000 per year plus the old ‘Expenses’ Fiddle.

And Private Schools for hooray Henrys like Cameron, Boris and George Osborne (who will inherit a Baronetcy from his father) – THEY are chatities too. Unbelievable !

Before any one gives money to these charity tear-jerking ads on the Tele, they should ask the question : “How much of my generosity will go on ‘Internal Administration'” i.e. the trustees whopping salaries.

I suspect that more charity Chicanery will come under the spotlight when we get the Report into “Kids Company” – or will it be the usual whitewash cover-up that is the norm when our government sets up official Reports into anything ?

Incidently, Baronetcies were a money-making Ruse invented by James 1st : you could buy one for £600.