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Throughout written history, France has always had 5 times the population of England : well just compare the relative sizes of the two countries.

Now we – in ths small island – have the SAME population as France ! (and that’s only counting the ones we know about).
Has it ever ocurred to British politicioas, that something has gone wrong somewhere ?
We’ve concreted over flood-plains to build estates of ‘Lego’ dolls houses with all the car-parks; schools;roads; supermarkets and general infrastructure necessary to go with them – and now we are told that we need to build 250,000 new houses per year.Is the idea to ‘Block-Pavior’ the whole bloody island !?

And who are these new houses for – immigrants, post-menapausal woman who have divorced their husbands now that “the kids” have gone and single mothers with children by multiple fathers.

WE DO NOT NEED A SINGLE NEW HOUSE BUILT ON THIS SMALL ISLAND ! We could really do with all those railway side branch lines that Beeching closed and that have now been concreted over: because of the amount of juggernauts travelling next to flesh and blood on our roadways.
But IF we do have to build any new houses, let them be on ‘brown-field’ sites OR let’s break up the huge tracts of acreage that have been sat on by the monarchy and aristocracy for far too long.
Why not turn the 750 rooms in Buckingham Palace into granny flats for the elderly.

The Queen is the biggest receiver of Benefits in the form of the Civil List, but she doesn’t pay the Bedroom Tax on all those empty bedrooms in her multiple palaces.

Solution to all the middle east problems and the present INVASION of Europe

The present refugee situation is NOT an EU one but it is an U.N. one : these people come from OUTSIDE Europe.
Surely, – ‘Shengen’ only applies to the movement of Indiginous European citizens within the ‘Shengen’ area.How can it apply to people from outside that area ? How many Terrorists are slipping through amongst the ‘Hordes’ ?
The Rules are clear : you claim Asylum in the first SAFE country you land in.Of course Italy and Greece are being overwhelmed.But IT IS A U.N. Problem – and all Banki-Wanki can say is to critize Hungary, which is the only Country that is enforcing the Asylum Rule properly.
Solution :
The UN sends in a huge multi-national (INCLUDING ISLAMIC TROOPS) task force into Libya to smash the gangs AND ISIS (who are trying to get a foothold there) and then to set up a Provisional Government – with Democratic elections to be held as soon as is reasonably possible.

Libya is Huge; Potentially very wealthy and sparsely populated. So, build a huge new modern city in Libya to take all the Syrian, Iraqi, Lebanese,Palestinian;Gazans; etc. – who all speak Arabic – so that they all become Libyan citizens.
Solves the present crisis and all the problems in the middle east. I’m sure that it would settle the protracted Israeli/Palestinian Problem.