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Flesh and Blood

Today, another 3 people killed and 4 critically injured when a juggernaut hit two family cars on the M5: I have been saying for 25 years that juggernauts should not travel next to flesh and blood in small family cars.
When our children were little, I bought a big 4×4 with a huge bull-bar on the front because travelling on our Motorways worried me so much.

I wrote to the then Minister of Transport asking why we can’t have double-decker motorways, with the juggernauts underneath and the family cars on the top level.
I received a short reply, saying that such an idea was not needed in this country.

England is already bursting at the seams with immigration so much, that now the authorities are creating an extra lane out of the emergency ‘Hard shoulder’! How long before that causes a huge pile-up – it’s an accident waiting to happen.

How many more people must die before our road-planners see sense : we do not live in a seismic area, so that we should have double-decker motorways and nearly all Atomic-generated Energy.