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Neil Kinnock – The Hypocrite

Neil Kinnock really ‘gets up my nose’!
We had the first nuclear power station in the world.People like Kinnock,’Tony’Benn and Michael Foot destroyed our Nuclear plans – limitless clean energy, and Australia offering to bury the de-commissioned waste.

The French Grid is 80% nuclear – and now WE have to buy electricity off THEM as well as them owning half our Utilities!
But through Kinnock and his chums we have lost the know-how and are now forced to get a French woman to build our next nuclear power station (if it ever gets off the ground).

The young firery-headed Kinnock was against joining the ‘Common Market’, but now he, his wife and his family have their noses deep in the lucrative ‘Eurotrough’. What a bloody Hypocrite.
Now his son, gets a plum life-long safe Labour seat in Wales.The Kinnocks are truly part of the “Establishment” now.

Kinnock likes to boast that he was the first one of his family to go to University and yet, paradoxically, it was he and Shirley Williams and cronies who destroyed the very system that got them into University – THE GRAMMAR SCHOOLS.

Putting aside his attempts to swim fully clothed with his wife on the beach and the unforgetable rally in Sheffield – “Well alright!, Well Alright !, Well Alright !” We are’are we not’ so lucky that such a Jerk never became Prime Minister.
Callaghan and Major may be amongst the most ‘Intellectually Challenged’ First Lords of The Treasury that we’ve ever had, but can you imagine that loose-cannon, turncoat, Hypocrite in No.10 ? God, weren’t we lucky.
The Cold War was a picnic compared with that potential Disaster.