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Would you want to belong to a “religion” founded by Al Capone ? Because that is how I can best express islam – it’s not a religion or a credo, but a wicked way of life.
Christianity (and I lost my faith years ago) spread very slowly, because up until jesus of Nazareth, nobody had experienced anything but a short brutal life : and here was a religion saying ‘Love thine enemy’ and ‘turn the other cheek’

Islam spread quickly because they held a knife to your throat and said ‘Convert or we will cut your throat, Rape your wife and daughters and then slaughter your whole family – oh, and by the way, we need to cut off your foreskin with a rusty blade’
That’s a pretty compelling way of ‘conversion’ isn’t it.

In Britain we are not taught, at school, how our catholic brothers in Europe saved us all from the brutality of Islam. Those who live in freedom today should learn, at school, about – and we should all Commemorate – the ‘Battle of LEPANTO and the two sieges of Vienna, and El Cid and Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, who saved the ‘West’ from the murdering muslims.

Maybe Donald Trump is not completely ‘off his trolley’.