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Scottish Indepependance

Do I care ? No, – let them go if they want to .But I think it will be very sad :

at Culloden moor in April 1746, a young british officer called Woolfe couldn’t help but admire the courage, Elan the hooping and hollering AND the sheer momentum of the highland charge.
He thought a ‘Brown Bess’ with it’s long bayonet, in the hands of such men would scare the hell out of any enemy on the receiving end.

So by the time he was a General, that’s how he had trained his troops – endless screaming practice bayonet charges.And that is how, in large part how he kicked the French out of Canada on the plains in front of Montreal, having had his army scale the Heights of Abraham. Woolfe died, of course, – like Nelson – at the scene of his greatest triumph.But Woolfe’s legacy was the British Army bayonet charge

There has always been a large proportion of Scots in the british Army since 1707 at least :for over 250 years the bayonet charge made the british Army the best in the world and forged the greatest Empire ever seen – and the Scots played no small part in that.We have fought together;Bled together; died together and triumphed together on the battlefields of death all over the world.
Surely the sum of the two parts has always been greater than the individual countries alone.It’s been one of the most successful partnerships in history and I think that it would be very sad to forget all that mingled blood and comradeship.

As Wellinton said of the French at Waterloo – “They came on in the same old way-and we saw them off in the same old way” – and he was referring to the British Bayonet Charge

Queen’s Bollocks

How much money has been spent on queenie’s empire’baton’relay rubbish?
This imitation of Hitler’s Olympic flame idea is just another grossly expensive copycat effort for the Royal family to try and bathe in some very, very – by now – dimmed, reflected glory – from others, once again.
Old queenie is miffed that she never became empress and so she is always the keenest for us to pour OUR money down the drain in doing any stunt that appeals to the feeble-minded royalst, to remind us that – before Churchill unwittingly destroyed the pompous title,’Daddy’ was an emporer.

I suppose the whole family has awarded themselves special new extra medals that they can wear on new endless Goering-like collections of bespoke, taylored uniforms to dress up in – and all at our expense – when some of us are battling councils, often without legal Aid, about the ‘bedroom-tax’.
However Dire the money straights of the country, money can always be found to spend on the royal family – while many of her ‘Subjects’ have to fight for a park bench to sleep on, every night.

To look at philip’s and charlie’s farcical metal chests, you would think that they had seen action in every battle going beck to “Ivar the Boneless”
In fact, they are so spineless perhaps their carpets of undeserved medals are what actually holds them up.