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Cancer of the Cervix/Uterus and Prostate Cancer

About 25 years ago – and having a medical background – I had A thought, which you could call a Theory.
One of my Godfathers had Prostate cancer for several years ( IT IS A SLOW-GROWING, BUT PERNICIOUS CANCER).

His first wife ( my godmother) died of cervical cancer. He then married Their ‘Char Lady’- the Old, Old story – and she also developed Cervical cancer.
Anyway, he had no children and so when he died she got all his estate. I never expected any bequest from him, but I thought that he might have given me something from his several, rented out, Brixham sea-front houses.

But, – back to my Theory – which is only based on one man and his two wives…………..

Is it possible that men with prostate cancer ejaculate cancer cells into their sexual partners which gives the female cervical and/or uterine Cancer ?