Faction, False News and Total Bollocks

I read the female writers of romantic Faction, when I was at University and thought that with my own prodigious knowledge of History, that I might try the same thing one day. Never did. I wanted to read History at University, but my school told me that there was no future in it – so I had to take the sciences and keep History as my lifelong Hobby.
How wrong my school was, – I could have had series on the telly like Bethany Hughes etc., but I probably wouldn’t have been in the same league as David Starkey.

I still watch Keith Michell in ‘Henry the Eighth and his Six Wives’ and Glenda Jackson as ‘Elizabeth’ (1970/71) – good accurate BBC History.

False news is in the News and is a big problem for the future, I agree. But what about teaching our children false History ?

I like your Vikings, Michael Hirst, since that era is open to a lot of interpretation and therefore, ‘poetic licence’. But “The Tudors”, Michael – really !

Why does an emminent History professor throw away a lifetime of teaching Facts to his students, and Prostitute his career for a wad of Dosh,to write Total Bollocks like The Tudors : a bit of a ‘Curate’s’ Egg.
A lot of the series I liked, but honestly, Michael – teaching the youngsters watching, that Margaret Tudor married Charles Brandon and then she collapses, consumptively into an artist’s palate of blood and milk ?!
I admit to being an anti-monarchist, but what you are peddling to young watching minds there, means that our present Queen was never Born !And what happens when they reproduce your crap in history exams and get shot to pieces by the Markers ?

What is worse – False News or False, corrupted History ?

Britain is a POLICE STATE !

Some 1600 people have died in police custody over about the last 12 years – and no police officer charged.

I know of only two cases where a copper was charged for anything to do with ill-treatment.
1) The copper Simon Harwood who ‘killed’ Ian Tomlinson – but got away with just being dismissed from the police force and

2) Police station-desk bully, Sergeant Mark Andrews who was found guilty BY a JURY of assaulting 60 year old Pamela Somerville, – only to have a Judge overturn the JURY verdict and the bully was re-instated so he could continue to bully other people who came under his ‘Care’

Then Today, a BEHIND CLOSED DOORS Met. police Misconduct committee – convened because an Inquest JURY had criticised 6 police officers in the death of a black man, Mr Lewis – cleared those 6 police officers completely.

British police know, that they are above the Law : only very, very rarely will they be charged with ANYTHING and even if charged and found Guilty by a JURY,they know that some Judge/s will always OVER-RULE the JURY conviction.

The JURY is supposed to be at the Core of our Democracy, but the police can always rely on a Judge to pervert Justice in their favour.

“Boris is STILL Pissing”

President Johnson – that unfortunate American president who inherited a war he never wanted, was the President who Gave the blacks the Actual Rights that they had fought for 100 years earlier, but sadly died a broken man with the 56,000-odd generation of the young American dead from Vietnam on his conscience – used to say, in his Texan Drawl –

“I’d rather have an enemy inside my tent pissin’ out, than have him outside the tent pissin’ in.”

Theresa May’s problem is that although she has kept Boris inside her tent, he still has his Fly open, and is still Pissing on her carpet.

Wait till Boris brings out his Bat from his Bullingdon Club days – and starts smashing up all her furniture.

BBC Corrupt Cronyism

I grew up with the bbc and was a supporter of it for most of my life – far preferable to the Murdoch Muck Empire that wants to push the BBC aside, so that he can continue his pernicious threat to free speech and Democracy.

But I am fallen out of Love with the BBC

1)CEO Mark Thompson allowed to pay himself ‘telephone number salaries’ without due oversight by Chris Patton and the BBC ‘Trust’. There’s a joke ‘Trust’
Thompson should have been prosecuted for theft from the Licence payers, instead of which he was allowed to escape to America to take up another vast monthly salary – in the same way as the Government allowed Murdoch’s son to escape back to America over the phone-hacking scandal – you remember James Murdoch – the one who said he saw no reason to question his being asked to sign a cheque for £250,000 to pay for private investigators carrying out phone-hacking on behalf of his organisation. HE said he was ‘Totally innocent’
It’s funny, isn’t it how the really Big Fish always escape prosecution, while the little minnows way below, take ‘The Rap’.

Now why did I start this Blog today – ah, yes.

2)Over the years, I’ve realised – (that while the rest of us can expect to have 3,4 or even 5 different jobs in our lifetime) – that Oxbridge and/or Nepotism is the key to a Grossly overpaid BBC job – for Life, with a big, fat Pension at the end.
e.g. Justin Webb – illegitimate son of an old BBC news presenter; Julia Somerfield (Lady Dixon) – grand daughter of Admiral of the Fleet Sir James Somerville.

I am heartily sick of switching on the T.V. or Radio and hearing David Mitchell or his SLUT of a wife Victoria Coren Mitchell (some ‘Roll-Model’!and deceased Alan Coren Nepotism ) hosting or being in a stupid new game show, a crass so-called ‘comedy’ show or doing a nice little ‘voice-over’ earner.

Do those pair own the Fucking BBC ? Couldn’t we have a little less unemployment if the BBC set an example by spreading the jobs around to the unemployed, instead of those two monopolising virtually everything?

It’s the same nepotism with Benedict Cumberbatch (son of the once delectable Wanda Ventham – who he certainly hasn’t inherited his ‘looks’ from) or Sam West – son of Timothy West and the sadly now Demented Prunella Scales.

I could go on…but, with the rest of us finding jobs ‘hard-to-come-by, wouldn’t it be fair and nice if the BBC – (OWNED BY THE LICENCE PAYERS) – spread the jobs around a lot more, stopped it’s OXBRIDGE/and or Nepotism recruitment and limited the length of a job with the BBC to say – 15 years, before they had to leave and get another job like the rest of us.

There’s John Humphrys (who must own half of Wales by now) getting some £750,000/year of OUR money as he continues to Rant on everyday well into his 70’s.

3) Over-manning. Why do we need two over-paid presenters on the Breakfast sofa requiring no more talent than to read off an auto-cue, alternately. We only ever used to have one newsreader behind a desk : but we’ve got over-paid air-heads like the talentless Louise Minchin and equally pathetic Charlie Stayt trying to act out as a second-rate amateur ‘comedy’ double act. It’s the NEWS that I’m interested in, not Abbot and Costello or a very poor old music-hall act.

And why does the BBC have so many living-overseas all-expenses paid (by us) reporters in the same country working for different BBC T.V. and Radio channels. Couldn’t they have just one reporter per area (maybe 2 in the USA). Such profligate waste of money – our money !

Can we not expect a bit – nay – a LOT more fairness from a broadcasting company that we – the licence payers own ?

But the BBC will not accept any criticism when you e-mail them. Their whole complaints system is a ‘SHAM’ – just to appear to conform with modern day Political correctness.

Value for money is what I want from the BBC in the morning, – not second rate comedy double acts with mindless banter obscuring the really important issues of the day.

So-Called ‘Roll Models’

Why do the Media eulogise people like Helen Mirren, on her trim figure ? She’s never had a child, and by her own admission hasn’t got a bit of maternal feeling in her body.
Like so many ‘Career women’ these days, the only person that they have only ever really, been in love with – is themselves. To quote Oscar Wilde :

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”

To understand the Real Helen – have a look at the Film “Savage Messiah” – where she reveals everything, including Pubic Hair.
‘But of course, I only did it for Art, Darling’.(nothing to do with exhibiting female Sexual Power – only men use Sex For Power ! don’t they ?)

But then, if such exposure gets you a ‘Dame-hood’, perhaps she has found the Right formula.

Dame and Knighthoods have really been devalued : the totally talentless Lenny Henry, who has always been the ‘token Black’, has one too. If you have ever been to one of his Night-club appearances, or listened to a recording of one, and heard the utter filth that comes out of his mouth, then perhaps it’s better just to be ‘Ordinary’ and not sink to the level of such ‘Honours’.

Donald Trump

As a mere English observer America puzzles me :

1) since Hilary got more votes than Donald Trump, how come he’s President ?

2) but, since that is the way Americans wish to vote Presidents in, that is nothing to do with me – BUT

3) having chosen Trump, he is entitled to all the Respect that goes with his Office –

Therefore, when grossly over-paid American ‘football’ players insult the country’s flag and National anthem on the field of play – they should be severely Disciplined. Those players are not only overpaid, but ‘Roll-Models’

It’s like being in the armed services – YOU SALUTE THE RANK, NOT THE MAN

DUP and Sinn Fein

In as much as a care about Northern Ireland at all (I am old enough to remember the sectarian murders being on the ‘News’ everynight from 1968 through the 70’s and 80’s ) I think that there should be a Rule – which should apply to the E.U. as well ( in as much as I care because I am a Brexiteer ) –

after 2 weeks of political parties failing to come to being able to form a Government through compromise, – all the members in the parliament of the disputing Parties involved, should have their Salaries Stopped until they come to a Power-sharing agreement and can form a viable, lasting Government.

I think that it was Belgium that once went for something like 18 months before they formed a government.

Duracell Batteries

Duracell used to be the best, but I have spent a lot of money on Duracell re-chargeables, and you are lucky if you get 5 re-charges out of them. Even the Alkaline Duracells supplied with my Sky remote were leaking after 6 months

But I have discovered “Eneloop” rechargeables which are far superior to Duracell. This is free advice – I am not being paid for it.

Flesh and Blood

Today, another 3 people killed and 4 critically injured when a juggernaut hit two family cars on the M5: I have been saying for 25 years that juggernauts should not travel next to flesh and blood in small family cars.
When our children were little, I bought a big 4×4 with a huge bull-bar on the front because travelling on our Motorways worried me so much.

I wrote to the then Minister of Transport asking why we can’t have double-decker motorways, with the juggernauts underneath and the family cars on the top level.
I received a short reply, saying that such an idea was not needed in this country.

England is already bursting at the seams with immigration so much, that now the authorities are creating an extra lane out of the emergency ‘Hard shoulder’! How long before that causes a huge pile-up – it’s an accident waiting to happen.

How many more people must die before our road-planners see sense : we do not live in a seismic area, so that we should have double-decker motorways and nearly all Atomic-generated Energy.

Leon Brittan’s family get £100,000

Now, I don’t know the answer to this question, so if anybody genuinely does know – please tell me.

When Stefan Kiszko was released from prison, by DNA after being inside for 17 years, he died before he could receive compensation.

Did his mother or his nearest relatives receive that compensation, like dead Leon Brittan’s wife has been given ?