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Of Monarchy

My greatest hope is that this interfering self-opiniated dilettante and Tax-thief of a so-called ‘prince of wales'(who obviously has inherited all the diplomatic skills of his feckless father) when king, will continue to interfere – like his great uncle and namesakes before him did – and will, himself, be the catalyst that brings down this sycophantic, medieval institution.
What value is a freedom of information act, when we are not allowed to see his notorious ‘spider letters nor know the true cost of the security for this extended family of parasites.’Having been bought the best of educations that money can buy, he displays a remarkable ignorance of Russian history.Let’s hope that the loose-cannon explodes, so that we may become citizens of Europe, instead of the subjects of one family that we are.

Of unchristian practices

All butchers must have – and always have had – a hardness of heart to do what they do : and to kill one type of animal is very similar to and makes more easy the killing of an  human animal by that person. No wonder jews and muslims find it so easy to kill.

Such a person that can have no pity for an animal whose throat he cuts and watches as the creature bleeds to death in agony, is obviously a person who is more dangerous to humans.

How can this country, with it’s Christian heritage, tolerate this barbarity to animals in the 21st century.Whether jew or muslim this barbaric practice should be outlawed, but now that we have allowed so many bestial people carrying on their bestial treatment of animals, into this country – no craven politician has the political guts to end these animal concentration camps in what used to be our own Christian country

Make the Queen Pay the Bedroom Tax


To: Iain Duncan Smith – Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

As the biggest benefit receiver in the country – Make the queen Pay for ALL the excess bedrooms she has in ALL her residences – there are 752 rooms in Buckingham Palace alone!Why is this important?
In times of austerity, the Queen should not be exempt from the cuts that affect people with far less money than she has.

We’re constantly being told by the government that we are “all in this together”, however it seems that in every reform it’s always the poorest who are hit the hardest.

This year the queen was given a £5 million “pay rise” after a new system of paying the monarchy came into force.Apparently she owns all of OUR country’s sea-shore! Meaning that she gets “royalties” for EVERY type of energy -oil,gas,wind,wave, – that crosses HER shoreline.Her annual tax-free government grant has been set at £36.1 million for 2013/14 and will rise accordingly every year.–owns-seabed.html

The queen is estimated to be worth about £17 Billion – much of it made through wars around the world and the arms trade: in other words, she Profits from Human suffering – as all her ancestors have since 1066 A.D.

Yet at the same time people across this country are struggling to cope as the bedroom tax makes it harder and harder to make ends meet each month.

The queen should pay the bedroom tax on her hundreds and hundreds of ornate and unused bedrooms – as a sign that we really are all in this together. How it will be delivered?
Although I am physically Disabled, when we have enough signatures I will deliver the petition personally to IDS and try to ensure press coverage.

For those of you interested in Real Democracy in this country see

If you agree, then sign up to the Petition on 38 degrees