Careers to Work for FREE ?

What planet do the 2010 onward U.K. administrations come from ? Would the P.M. or all the M.P.’s work all the Hours that careers do for nothing ?

I can think of many places where the Government could find the money to pay for careers AND pay Disabled people a Dignified income :

– what about that £76 Mill that the Queen has just been given for repairs to ‘Buck Hice’

– What about the £360 million that those Parasites cost US per year

– stopping all overseas aid whilst there are homeless and Disabled people in financial distress in THIS country – Charity begins AT HOME !

– what about a freeze on Doctors’ salaries for 10 years – in order to give everybody else a chance to catch up with the Ridiculous Hike in salary ( and the removal of a G.P.’s Obligation to look after their patients out of hours )that Gordon Brown gave them

– freezing Judges and Lawyers salaries – and forcing them to take on Legal aid cases

As for their threats to go abroad – let them. BUT they pay back ALL their education fees, with Interest.

There is no lack of capable indigenous people in this country ready to take their places for a lesser salary and who have got there through MERIT – and NOT Eton, Harrow, Oxbridge and the other ‘Old Boy networks’.

It’s the 21st Century, and way after-time that Monarchy, unelected Lords and the ‘Old Boy networks were done away with in order to make this Great country a True Democracy and not a Counterfeit one.

William the Vth ? More like Mohammed the 1st !

Pauline Cafferkey – Again !

Being in the public eye must be like a drug that you just can’t get enough of (to wit Tony – “New Labour” – Blair ).Even poor old
Botham is reduced to pretending to be in ecstacy, dabbling his tootsies in a Vibrator.

And of course Charity-work – especially when you have it broadcast, instead of ‘Hiding your Light under a Bushel’, is good stuff for getting a ‘Gong’ in the ever more frequent “Honours Lists”.

Even though you may have put your country in severe risk of importing one of the most Vicious diseases known to Man – Dame Pauline ?

As Oscar said – “If there’s one thing worse than being talked about, it is NOT being talked about !”

Quiet Good Friday

Had just finished watching the aftermath of Ragnar’s failed re-attack on Paris and thought I would catch up with the T.V. News on this quiet pre-Anastasia day….

I thought I was still watching Vikings !

Yanks drop a mega bomb; is ‘Donald Duck’ going to take out that fratricidal nutcase in North Korea; everybody fighting everybody in Syria; Manchester SPICE addicts likely to attack paramedics (when I went up to M/c. Uni 40 years ago, an ex-Mancunian friend told me to always carry a knife down my boot – actually I found the most dangerous thing about M/c. was the sexual predatory female students – especially female medics – ( away from ‘Mom and Dad’ for the first time); take your dog to work ( I thought that part of the idea of having a dog was to protect the home – but I suppose ubiquitous alarms have negated that now).

Anyway, after all the violence on the BBC news, I’m going back to watch the Relatively quiet story of Ragnar’s Return !

Our Wonderful British police

AS I have already said, no country is better than the British at self-deluding propaganda.

And didn’t even the wives, mothers and children of the SS proudly kiss their ‘men'(dressed in their smart Hugo Boss-designed black uniforms ) ‘goodbye’ every morning, little knowing the Atrocities that their menfolk would commit at ‘work’ ?

So it is with our police (remember – no british soldier would ever murder a wounded prisoner in ‘Cold Blood’ would they ?

Her are some photos of what the Cheltenham police did to me – a 58 year old man on crutches, and Registered Disabled at the “Higher Rate”

When I told the Magistrates that I would get the photos published in the national press – the case against me was strangely dropped !

And though I have rung about 250 solicitors around the country – none of them will take on my private prosecution of the Police.
And when I tried to do it myself, in the Small Claims Court – District Judge Singleton (Gloucester) entered into a Conspiracy with his old mate High Court Judge Denyer (Bristol) to slap a Civil Order of Restraint on me,- stopping me from bringing ANY cases in the small claims court for 2 years

But afterall, – Don’t we British have the Best Police and best judicial system in the world ??

Here are some of the injuries that the Cheltenham police inflicted on me.

But worse than that, they ransacked my home WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT and stole my Grandfather’ WW1 Medals – wich are irreplaceable and which I now cannot pass down to my family

That Bloody Useless Ofcom Woman

Just what does she do for her £275,000 per year ?

Since BT gobbled up my broadband provider orange/EE, my landline has gone up from £14/month to £16.75/month and it is now £18.50 per month – all within 11 months !

How does that fit in with the retail price inflation indicators ?

B.T. seem to be a Law unto themselves. I’ve just found out that I was charged 20p for a 1471 call – to find out who rang you.

I’ve not received any notification that in future 1471 calls were going to be charged at 20pence a time.

And all because BT have to pay teanage football players £250,000 – £300,000 per WEEK.

Our line-rentals are subsidising bloody teenagers so that they can buy their Ferraris. It’s a bloody disgrace: what happened to Thatcher’s Lie that Privatisation would bring lower prices due to competition.

B.T. is almost a monopoly, and we can’t get away from them because they are gobbling up all the other broadband providers.

Get rid of that Ofcom woman – that would save £275,000 per year and let’s re-Nationalise B.T.