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The Colour of Royalty

As an aging Caucasian man, my Black female lovers were always good in bed and some had that ‘Musckie’ odour that perfumeries try to reproduce as an aphrodisiac.

Just as Diana ‘showed up’ Charles to be a useless prick, Meghan (I bet I know who ‘wears the trousers’ in that relationship) is showing Harry up to be a useless prick as well. It’s not surprising that Meghan {who seems to have her wits about her} cannot ‘gel’ with Williams’s exhibitionist, small-minded wife.

For all my life (well since about 10 years of age) I have wanted to rid this country of it’s Parasitic Monarchy. The danger to me, is that Meghan may inject some rationality into that decaying, atrophying 21st century anomaly.

So-called feminism

It’s 100 years since the Pankhursts gained their quite correct goals – but it has now gone too far, with men unable to see their children because the courts have swung too far to the Right and deny men the Rights that women were denied before the first world war.

Women are introduced on TV as a ‘Feminist’ as though it was a Qualification on their CV.

I have said before that women ‘organise’ together much better than men do.

I ask all men to speak as I do : I do not use the word ‘feminist’. I use the word ‘FEMINAZI’ – and advise men all over the world to adopt my description of these women who are destroying “The Family” (which has lead to Homo Sapiens becoming the dominant species on the planet).

I have always taken the view that men and women can never be equal, but are COMPLIMENTARY.

Women have gone TOO Far and our Court judges do not have the guts to stand up to Feminazism. We men cannot rely on the Courts to give us justice in Family matters.

The time is overdue for Men to fight back and put the relationship between men and women back into Balance

Calling these Harridans “FEMINAZIS” is a good start, before we men are forced to take violent (like the suffragettes) action to restore the balance of Life on this Planet.


Started watching a series on Basher Assad this evening.The prog was slighted against him, in tone : his father had seized Rule by force and Basher is a Dictator.

So what’s the difference between him and the British royal family? Royal, brown-nosed, arse-licking royalists in this country are fond of saying that the queen (who has no qualifications) is a wonderful Monarch.

But she doesn’t stand for election. The only way we could get rid of those parasites would be by civil-war as is the case in Syria.

How is it that she is legitimate but Assad isn’t ? There is no statute of limitations in the UK – so how is it that that silly old trout in Buckingham palace has any more Right to her Dictatorship than old Basher ?

Passage of time does not validate a crime.

You Get What you Pay for

Like everyone, these days, I ‘shop around’. What prompted this blog was an Ad on the tele for ridiculously cheap glasses online. Don’t touch them with a barge-pole !

WHEN BUYING ONLINE – ESPESPECILLY WHEN THE COMPANY IS IN ANOTHER COUNTRY AND YOU CANNOT TAKE THEM TO THE “Small Claims Court”, it’s difficult to get your money back for ‘shoddy goods’. Much better in the old days when you could go into the shop where you were ‘ripped off’, thump your fist on the counter-top and make such a fuss in front of other customers, that the shop would refund you just to get you out of the shop as quickly as possible.

So I rang around, and settled on a well- known supermarket group to provide me with glasses. I wasn’t impressed by the very quick eye test and though my glasses (Both pairs) came with free varifocal lenses, I couldn’t focus when driving, when I dropped my gaze to the instrument panel – and even more so when I glanced to the left to view my SatNav : instrument panel and SatNav were badly out of focus. So I went back to the supermarket.

The retired high-street supervisor at the supermarket said – “Well we don’t usually offer this special high-grade varifocal lense, but I’m going to offer them to you and you will have 2 “Rolls Royce” pairs of glasses”.

When I tried the Rolls Royce glasses out driving, they were certainly an improvement – but you know, they still were not as good as the pair that I paid double the amount for at ‘Specsavers’ 10 years previously.

I still keep those old “Specsavers” glasses in my car glove-box.

Moral of the story is – ‘you get what you pay for’

I wouldn’t touch those under £20 glasses advertised on the tele .

Death of the Coward Lord Peter Carrington

‘Lord’Carrington was the Coward of Nijmegan bridge:

50+ U.S. Paras of 82nd Airborne Division lost their lives taking it. Carrington’s was the first tank of XXX Corps to cross it.
The U.S. Paras begged him to carry on to Arnhem. But he said the light was failing. They offered to go in front and take out any anti-tank guns, but he was too cowardly to go any further. Arnhem bridge was only 18 Kms further.

If he had continued on, then XXX Corps could have relieved Lt. Col. Johnny Frost’s 2 Para who had been clinging on to the northern end of Arnhem bridge for 6 days.
Because Carrington was too cowardly to continue on, that evening, Frost’s 2 para ran out of ammunition and had to surrender to General Willi Bittrich.

10,000 men of 1st British Airbourne Parachuted into Arnhem : only 2,000 came out, using an off-the-cuff escape plan devised by Airey Neeve (later M.P. and close friend of Magaret Thatcher – until he was blown up by the I.R.A.)
Neeve was the true hero of the Arnhem debacle.

Carrington not only betrayed 2 para and the dead of the two American airborne Divisions, he also betrayed all the dead of British 1st Airborne Division and the 1st Polish Airborne Brigade, plus all the men who were captured.

But for Carrington’s Cowardice, the war Really would have been over before Christmas 1944 and much of eastern Europe could have been saved from 45 years of communism.

Both being aristocrats, Churchill covered up Carrington’s Cowardice by giving him the M.C. for being the first tank onto Nijmegan Bridge !


2000 years ago, Christianity spread very slowly – Saying “Turn the other cheek and Love your enemies” took a long time to catch on.
Islam, spread very quickly from the 7th century A.D. because they routinely put a knife to a father’s throat and said “Convert to islam or we will rape your wife and daughters and then slit all your throats”
That’s a pretty compelling way of proselytising. Islam was born in mass-murder, it was spread by mass-murder, so why should we expect them to behave any differently today?
Islam IS NOT a religion – it is a very large ‘Sect’ and a very wicked way of life that is incompatible with our country’s Christian Heritage.

Sexual Exploitation

Ok, so I wouldn’t want a daughter of mine to be interfered with by Harvey Weistein or anybody else.

But I’m getting a bit sick or this ONLY MEN EXPLOIT AND ASSAULT WOMEN – and Never the other way Round.

I lost count years ago of the number of women who sexually assaulted me at Parties when I was up at Manchester University in the 70’s. BUT – MEN DON’T TELL !

You know what the biggest sexual Exploitation in history is ?

Testosterone made our species, Homo Sapiens, the most successful species on this planet, and women right from the Get-Go have exploited mens’ Testosterone-Drive !

STop/Start on Cars

Many occasions in my long Life, Government have made decisions that I knew instinctively/ or through learning, – were wrong.

But then you say to yourself ‘Well the government have advisers, so they must know what they are talking about.’

Take Deisel cars. I grew up on a garage AND WAS SERVING PETROL AND DEISEL FROM THE AGE OF TEN, AND SO I KNEW HOW CORROSIVE DEISEL WAS.ALSO, at Medical school, We Were told of the danger of diesel particulates hanging around in the air long after a diesel vehicle had gone by. Also, while dissecting Cadavers, we were shown the black lungs of a city dweller and the pink lungs of a country dweller.
So, I knew that when diesel vehicles were being pushed by governments 25 years ago, that the idea didn’t seem scientifically Right to me. Now, my instincts and learning have been proved Right as a result of the ‘VW’ software Scandal cheating the M.O.T.’s on Deisel cars.
So let me state my instincts about Stop/Start cars – which started as another loopy scandanavian idea with Volvos about 30 to 40 years ago :
Starting a car requires a surge to 18 volts from the battery, therefore repeated starts strains the battery and shortens it’s life.
Every time the car is started or re-started it takes in a gulp of fuel and coughs out a gulp of extra exhaust fumes.

I just cannot see the scientific validity behind stop/start cars, and re-starting every time you stop at traffic lights, I find to be extremely annoying.