DUP and Sinn Fein

In as much as a care about Northern Ireland at all (I am old enough to remember the sectarian murders being on the ‘News’ everynight from 1968 through the 70’s and 80’s ) I think that there should be a Rule – which should apply to the E.U. as well ( in as much as I care because I am a Brexiteer ) –

after 2 weeks of political parties failing to come to being able to form a Government through compromise, – all the members in the parliament of the disputing Parties involved, should have their Salaries Stopped until they come to a Power-sharing agreement and can form a viable, lasting Government.

I think that it was Belgium that once went for something like 18 months before they formed a government.

Duracell Batteries

Duracell used to be the best, but I have spent a lot of money on Duracell re-chargeables, and you are lucky if you get 5 re-charges out of them. Even the Alkaline Duracells supplied with my Sky remote were leaking after 6 months

But I have discovered “Eneloop” rechargeables which are far superior to Duracell. This is free advice – I am not being paid for it.

Flesh and Blood

Today, another 3 people killed and 4 critically injured when a juggernaut hit two family cars on the M5: I have been saying for 25 years that juggernauts should not travel next to flesh and blood in small family cars.
When our children were little, I bought a big 4×4 with a huge bull-bar on the front because travelling on our Motorways worried me so much.

I wrote to the then Minister of Transport asking why we can’t have double-decker motorways, with the juggernauts underneath and the family cars on the top level.
I received a short reply, saying that such an idea was not needed in this country.

England is already bursting at the seams with immigration so much, that now the authorities are creating an extra lane out of the emergency ‘Hard shoulder’! How long before that causes a huge pile-up – it’s an accident waiting to happen.

How many more people must die before our road-planners see sense : we do not live in a seismic area, so that we should have double-decker motorways and nearly all Atomic-generated Energy.

Leon Brittan’s family get £100,000

Now, I don’t know the answer to this question, so if anybody genuinely does know – please tell me.

When Stefan Kiszko was released from prison, by DNA after being inside for 17 years, he died before he could receive compensation.

Did his mother or his nearest relatives receive that compensation, like dead Leon Brittan’s wife has been given ?


Having murdered his uncle and his brother, you have to take this guy seriously.

Firing a missile over Japan IS a serious escalation of the situation. Supposing that missile was to fool the USA and Japan – and south Korea to put in place missile interceptors.

Next, he could fire a missile with a nuclear or chemical warhead : the interceptor would hit the missile, trigger it’s W.M.D. , and then N.Korea could blame the USA for the WMD outcome.

8 Killed on motorway- sandwiched between two 2 Juggarnauts

When the Californian Quake, years ago, showed pictures of broken double-decker ‘Freeways’, I wrote to the Transport minister asking why we could not have Double-Decker Motorways.I never had a reply.

Our children were very young, and so I had bought a Nissan Terrano with a huge Bull bar on the front – because I had, for years, voiced my opinion, socially, that such juggernauts should not travel side by side with flesh and Blood, – wiping out whole families sometimes.

Now in these grossly overcrowded islands, traffic is so bad that in places they have removed the ‘Hard Shoulder’.

Again, years ago I was saying that heavy freight should go by rail : problem is, that Beeching closed the Branch lines so that they could be concreted over by house-builders.

We don’t live in an earthquake zone, so the largest portion of our electricity should be from Nuclear, and Juggernauts should be kept well away from family cars.

A Brief History of Disappointment

I was a choir boy – I still remember one of the older boys punching me in the face, in the Vestry. Another older bastard, Anthony Hardy, punched me on the back seat, as the choirmaster was driving us home. When I got into the house, my nose was bleeding, so I got my elder brother to sort him out.
Hitler was an alter boy, and Stalin trained for the Orthodox priesthood.

I read Stephen Hawking’s book several years ago, and when I read that he had given over his wife to marry his Nurse, I felt very disappointed in him – so much so, that I nearly didn’t watch the film tonight, ‘The Theory of Everything’.

But as soon as I saw ‘Jonathon’ from the church enter the story, I could guess what really happened.

I’ve seen it so many times – church goers having affairs and breaking up marriages. Not to mention the homosexuality that I noticed in the Church from an early age – I had two lucky escapes with my Bum-hole.

When my present wife and I married, one of the things that we had in common was our Faith in God.

I am now an atheist, but my wife still goes to church.

It would not surprise me if, – at some time, anytime – she were to ask me for a divorce, because she had ‘found someone else’ – at Church !

It took me 60 years to shake off the Christianity that my parents had indoctrinated into me.

I often think of the words of my old maths teacher, Alan Chambers, in my first year at grammar school. Alan was a good teacher, because he mixed a dry subject like Maths with general talks on other things – preparing us for adulthood.

I’ll never forget his words till I die: he said “More people have been killed in the name of religion, than for any other reason, in the history of this world.

May the Force be with you, Alan – wherever you are, now.

The ‘Stab in the Back’

20 years since Diana died because she wasn’t wearing her seat-belt.

I watched all the regurgitated sychophancy towards the Royal Parasites that blight our country, all day long today, and I was reminded of Hitler.

The one Diana programme went on and on with William and ‘Harry’ repeating the same thing over and over again – about how the Paparazzi had killed her.

At the end of World War 1, the German army was well and truly beaten in the Field – largely due to the numbers and outstanding bravery of the Americans that were flooding into France at the rate of 250,000 per month.
Because we generously gave the Germans an Armistice – instead of insisting on Unconditional surrender, and because we only occupied the left bank of the Rhine, a story spread among old German soldiers like Hitler, – that the German Army had NOT been defeated in the Field, but Stabbed in the Back by the socialist politicians back home in Germany.
Hitler built his career on this myth, and as William and Harry kept repeating the same old untruth over and over again in a programme that was twice as long as it needed to be to convey the Facts of her demise, it struck me that these two over-privileged and under-worked parasites were trying to re-write history by brainwashing us about the ‘stab in the back’ by the paparazzi.

Diana died because she wasn’t wearing her seat belt !

As for her being hounded by the press – if one sups with the devil, then one should use a long spoon.

I would liked to have asked our new generation of parasites what they thought about their father shagging their mother’s sister, before he went on to shag their mother ?
And – did they think that their father was a fit and proper person to be head of the church of England ?

I’m surprised that there has not been a recent mass movement to put a statue up to her………

At the time, I said – ‘Well if she was going to marry a muslim then it’s a good thing that she died ‘

Our American friends were appalled at what I said and hardly spoke to me for 4 years.

After 9/11 – they changed their minds.