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Bristol Crown Court 26/06/2014.

When you consider the very lengthy sentences handed down to men for Rape, the very lenient sentence of only 3 and half years given to Rhiannon Brooker is wholly inadequate and I protest against it and ask that it be reviewed

There are several aggravating circumstances
• She used her special knowledge of the law, being a Law graduate
• Her victim spent 36 days in prison where he would have faced gross abuse and constantly have been in great
danger of being attacked.
• The multiple false accusations that she made

This case illustrates the anti-male sexual legislation of the last 30 years.

The argument goes that men should be named before trial in sexual cases because other victims might come forward. Well, doesn’t the same rule apply to women who falsely cry Rape ? They may have done the same before and therefore women accusers should be named to give any male previous victims of their false allegations, the chance to come forward.

Either neither sex should be named before conviction or else Both parties should be named before trial.

The Law is all anti-male and pro female. It is an outrageous and Discriminatory Bias

Maddy ++

AS I Predicted – on the same day as the Dr.s McCann are in sunny Portugal again trying to make even more money by throwing their huge Fund at a libel case, two parents in Gloucester (on legal aid, of course) – who should have been helped by social services – are sent to prison for 2yrs and 9 months for neglecting their children, – their children deprived of both their parents and taken into Care (and we all know very well what ‘social “Care” can amount to).But these parents weren’t Doctors, of course. It’s MONEY that counts in the british legal system.

Queen’s Bollocks

How much money has been spent on queenie’s empire’baton’relay rubbish?
This imitation of Hitler’s Olympic flame idea is just another grossly expensive copycat effort for the Royal family to try and bathe in some very, very – by now – dimmed, reflected glory – from others, once again.
Old queenie is miffed that she never became empress and so she is always the keenest for us to pour OUR money down the drain in doing any stunt that appeals to the feeble-minded royalst, to remind us that – before Churchill unwittingly destroyed the pompous title,’Daddy’ was an emporer.

I suppose the whole family has awarded themselves special new extra medals that they can wear on new endless Goering-like collections of bespoke, taylored uniforms to dress up in – and all at our expense – when some of us are battling councils, often without legal Aid, about the ‘bedroom-tax’.
However Dire the money straights of the country, money can always be found to spend on the royal family – while many of her ‘Subjects’ have to fight for a park bench to sleep on, every night.

To look at philip’s and charlie’s farcical metal chests, you would think that they had seen action in every battle going beck to “Ivar the Boneless”
In fact, they are so spineless perhaps their carpets of undeserved medals are what actually holds them up.

Tinkering around just for tinkering’s sake

Why do websites such as BBC iplayer and my phone account EE have to continually keep messing around with and changing the sites just for the sake of change.I’m 60 years of age, I just get used to using a site for a few weeks – and then they go and give it a facelift – when there was nothing wrong with it before – and then I have to fumble around with great anger and frustration trying to navigate around yet another change.
Is it that IT employees have to look as though they are earning their salary by being seen to be doing something ?
WELL DON’T? Just leave the damn websites alone when there’s nothing wrong with them !

Maddy +

2 women are sent to prison for a year (6 months) for the neglect of a dog – leading to it savaging a man to death.Quite Right and under new legislation it could have been up to 14 years in prison. But that was for neglecting a dog !
So again, I ask – how come the McCann doctors have gone unpunished, by British Law, for the gross neglect of their 3 children ?


In this year that we are using to once again glorify Death – whilst pretending that we are valuing the 750,000 and the 250,000 men that lost their lives in both world wars – Let us just reflect on what THEY would think if they could arise and see this country today : luscious green flood-planes covered in poor quality little box houses made to house the millions of immigrants that we have allowed in to spoil this once heavenly island populated by extraordinarily gifted people.
What would they really think.
Instead of immigrants, their descendants would have populated the land and there would have been no need for all these foreigners.

Those young men (mostly) who lost their lives, gave them up to keep foreigners OUT not to let them in by the million, through the back door.
What would they think…………..?


If Madeleine McCann’s parents had been ‘Wayne and Waynetta’ – would they not have been prosecuted and sent to prison IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST.
Whatever sympathies one may have for their continuing distress, the inescapable fact is that – in this country it is illegal to leave a child under 10 years of age, unsupervised.
The McCanns have got away with it because they are Doctors !
They are not fit to be doctors !
My wife and I NEVER let our children out of our sight – indeed my wife refused to travel on aircraft with them.
This is a class-based society and The British Medical Association is the biggest and most powerful Union in this country.IT PROTECTS IT’S OWN.
I contest that it would be very much in the Public Interest for the McCann parents to be sent to prison as an example to all other parents of their duties and responsibilities to their children – particularly when they are under the age of !0 years old.

My parents had the very first Grandparental child access court Order Made in our Family Court.But my Fist wife totally ignored it and took our daughter to America on her ‘Green Card’ and I have never since seen my first daughter these past 35 years.So I know the pain of losing a child.
But in the case of the McCanns it was shear Criminal Negligence.