Azelle Rodney

Ok, after 10 years the ANONYMOUS police officer will be chardged with murder.Will he be found “Guilty” – NOT A CHANCE !
The presiding judge will schmoose and manipulate the jury so as to leave them in no doubt that he wants a Not Guilty verdict for the police officer.The police have murdered 1500 people in custody in the past 11 years – and not a single police officer has ever even been charged.

The Redundancy of Monarchy

The government’s waste of parliamentary time in bringing in an Act that gives female first-born the Right to succeed their parasite ‘royal’ parents is not so much an exercise in female equality as the demonstration of the redundancy and pointlessness of Monarchy : the original idea of a King was as a strong warrior to defend his peoples in battle.


Bristol Crown Court 26/06/2014.

When you consider the very lengthy sentences handed down to men for Rape, the very lenient sentence of only 3 and half years given to Rhiannon Brooker is wholly inadequate and I protest against it and ask that it be reviewed

There are several aggravating circumstances
• She used her special knowledge of the law, being a Law graduate
• Her victim spent 36 days in prison where he would have faced gross abuse and constantly have been in great
danger of being attacked.
• The multiple false accusations that she made

This case illustrates the anti-male sexual legislation of the last 30 years.

The argument goes that men should be named before trial in sexual cases because other victims might come forward. Well, doesn’t the same rule apply to women who falsely cry Rape ? They may have done the same before and therefore women accusers should be named to give any male previous victims of their false allegations, the chance to come forward.

Either neither sex should be named before conviction or else Both parties should be named before trial.

The Law is all anti-male and pro female. It is an outrageous and Discriminatory Bias


Just look at the difference in size between France and These small islands : in the 15th century France had a population that was 5 X that of England.
Today both countries have the same population – about 66 million – and you can bet that our figure is nearer 70 million with so-called “illegals”.
It’s shear madness. Thanks again, Tony Bliar – as well as for the terrorism you brought to this country,
Why has this man (along with Bush) not been indicted by the International Court in the Hague – as mass murderers who waged an illegal war (not sanctioned by the United nations ) and based on the WMD lie told to Parliament by Blair and that ex-pornographer, Alistair Campbell who ‘sexed-up’ the lying Document.
Again, Blair and Campbell are too rich and influential to face Justice.
if these three men are not indicted, then it follows that the Nazi leaders were imprisoned and executed illegally – because they actually broke no existing laws.