So, once again the royal family of scrounging parasites trotted out to delight all we lowly subjects and their sycophants worldwide : there’s Charlie now, instead of his dad ( lying low since he caused GBH to a female passenger in a car he smashed into – and of course, grumpy Edinburgh couldn’t be charged because you can’t get into the royal enclosure at Ascot if you have a criminal record ); no sign of the paedo-prince who can’t manage on his £300,000 per year (from the ‘Civil List’); the Cambridges are having yet another holiday at our expense, in Parkistan (clocking up the CO2 emissions again); Charlie’s medals seem to replicate as the years go by – how did he gain all those medals and gold braid ? What a job his valet(s) must have selecting the correct uniform for the occasion out of a wardrobe full of about 200; and of course there was the mounted lifeguards and the massive security costs born by the taxpayers.

Some people might think that the queen ought to set an example by travelling to open Parliament in an electric car – instead of all that horse-shit and equine farting adding to the CO2 levels.

Still, I guess there’s a lot of ‘horse-shit’ in British Society.

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