Is Germany Responsible for Brexit ?

If the U.K. had the Euro Currency, I presume that it would make Brexit more complicated – and I’m sure that would have made a difference to the Referendum result.

For those of us who are old enough to remember the “ERM” (which all the “Common Market” countries belonged to as a self-regulating, equilibrium mechanism to stabilise all the countries’ currencies prior to the Launch of the Euro) you will remember that it was supposed to work by the strongest currency {always the Deutschmark} supporting the weakest when the latter came under pressure.

When George Sorus decided to ruin the British economy (another Jew who we had given sanctuary to during the war) by selling the £ short, forcing British Interest rates up to 17% – Germany was Honour-Obligated to support the £. BUT GERMANY REFUSED TO HELP US as she was supposed to under the terms and agreement of the ERM.

So we lost £50 Billion to George Sorus in one day and we were forced out of the ERM. That’s why we never adopted the Euro currency.

So, my point is this : had Germany lived up to her obligations to help us, in September 1992 then there would never have been BREXIT. Germany has no ‘Honour’ and is a bad, bullying member of the E.U. just like she bullied the world in two world wars.

You try buying a German company – the German government puts every Block possible in your way !

“Deutschland Uber Alles” !!

Incidentally, the Germans even stole their National Anthem : originally called “Austria”, it was eponymously written by Joseph Hayden for his Homeland [though today, he would be a Croatian].

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