Alesha Macphail

Apalling. But I remember how Testosterone troubled me in my teens.

The Law is the Law – and since the dreadful premiership of Blair – who ran his government on weekly polls – we have seen British Law go down the very bad American Puritan, slippery slope – that Blair and the evil Blunkett venerated.Frightened Judges now also prostitute their Calling to Public opinion.

The Courts are open, and there is no reason to show pictures of or name and picture, underage convicted persons on television. It’s a reversion to Medieval and ‘Skimmington’ times.

I can imagine my feelings, if one of my daughters had suffered what that poor 6 year old suffered. But the world goes on: how can her 16 year old murderer ever be rehabilitated.

Judge Lord Matthews is a ‘worm’ – more frightened of and interested in satisfying the baying mob, than upholding the Dignity of the Law.

Matthews is a disgrace to his high calling.

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