You Get What you Pay for

Like everyone, these days, I ‘shop around’. What prompted this blog was an Ad on the tele for ridiculously cheap glasses online. Don’t touch them with a barge-pole !

WHEN BUYING ONLINE – ESPESPECILLY WHEN THE COMPANY IS IN ANOTHER COUNTRY AND YOU CANNOT TAKE THEM TO THE “Small Claims Court”, it’s difficult to get your money back for ‘shoddy goods’. Much better in the old days when you could go into the shop where you were ‘ripped off’, thump your fist on the counter-top and make such a fuss in front of other customers, that the shop would refund you just to get you out of the shop as quickly as possible.

So I rang around, and settled on a well- known supermarket group to provide me with glasses. I wasn’t impressed by the very quick eye test and though my glasses (Both pairs) came with free varifocal lenses, I couldn’t focus when driving, when I dropped my gaze to the instrument panel – and even more so when I glanced to the left to view my SatNav : instrument panel and SatNav were badly out of focus. So I went back to the supermarket.

The retired high-street supervisor at the supermarket said – “Well we don’t usually offer this special high-grade varifocal lense, but I’m going to offer them to you and you will have 2 “Rolls Royce” pairs of glasses”.

When I tried the Rolls Royce glasses out driving, they were certainly an improvement – but you know, they still were not as good as the pair that I paid double the amount for at ‘Specsavers’ 10 years previously.

I still keep those old “Specsavers” glasses in my car glove-box.

Moral of the story is – ‘you get what you pay for’

I wouldn’t touch those under £20 glasses advertised on the tele .

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