Britain is a POLICE STATE !

Some 1600 people have died in police custody over about the last 12 years – and no police officer charged.

I know of only two cases where a copper was charged for anything to do with ill-treatment.
1) The copper Simon Harwood who ‘killed’ Ian Tomlinson – but got away with just being dismissed from the police force and

2) Police station-desk bully, Sergeant Mark Andrews who was found guilty BY a JURY of assaulting 60 year old Pamela Somerville, – only to have a Judge overturn the JURY verdict and the bully was re-instated so he could continue to bully other people who came under his ‘Care’

Then Today, a BEHIND CLOSED DOORS Met. police Misconduct committee – convened because an Inquest JURY had criticised 6 police officers in the death of a black man, Mr Lewis – cleared those 6 police officers completely.

British police know, that they are above the Law : only very, very rarely will they be charged with ANYTHING and even if charged and found Guilty by a JURY,they know that some Judge/s will always OVER-RULE the JURY conviction.

The JURY is supposed to be at the Core of our Democracy, but the police can always rely on a Judge to pervert Justice in their favour.

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