So-Called ‘Roll Models’

Why do the Media eulogise people like Helen Mirren, on her trim figure ? She’s never had a child, and by her own admission hasn’t got a bit of maternal feeling in her body.
Like so many ‘Career women’ these days, the only person that they have only ever really, been in love with – is themselves. To quote Oscar Wilde :

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”

To understand the Real Helen – have a look at the Film “Savage Messiah” – where she reveals everything, including Pubic Hair.
‘But of course, I only did it for Art, Darling’.(nothing to do with exhibiting female Sexual Power – only men use Sex For Power ! don’t they ?)

But then, if such exposure gets you a ‘Dame-hood’, perhaps she has found the Right formula.

Dame and Knighthoods have really been devalued : the totally talentless Lenny Henry, who has always been the ‘token Black’, has one too. If you have ever been to one of his Night-club appearances, or listened to a recording of one, and heard the utter filth that comes out of his mouth, then perhaps it’s better just to be ‘Ordinary’ and not sink to the level of such ‘Honours’.

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