8 Killed on motorway- sandwiched between two 2 Juggarnauts

When the Californian Quake, years ago, showed pictures of broken double-decker ‘Freeways’, I wrote to the Transport minister asking why we could not have Double-Decker Motorways.I never had a reply.

Our children were very young, and so I had bought a Nissan Terrano with a huge Bull bar on the front – because I had, for years, voiced my opinion, socially, that such juggernauts should not travel side by side with flesh and Blood, – wiping out whole families sometimes.

Now in these grossly overcrowded islands, traffic is so bad that in places they have removed the ‘Hard Shoulder’.

Again, years ago I was saying that heavy freight should go by rail : problem is, that Beeching closed the Branch lines so that they could be concreted over by house-builders.

We don’t live in an earthquake zone, so the largest portion of our electricity should be from Nuclear, and Juggernauts should be kept well away from family cars.

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