A Brief History of Disappointment

I was a choir boy – I still remember one of the older boys punching me in the face, in the Vestry. Another older bastard, Anthony Hardy, punched me on the back seat, as the choirmaster was driving us home. When I got into the house, my nose was bleeding, so I got my elder brother to sort him out.
Hitler was an alter boy, and Stalin trained for the Orthodox priesthood.

I read Stephen Hawking’s book several years ago, and when I read that he had given over his wife to marry his Nurse, I felt very disappointed in him – so much so, that I nearly didn’t watch the film tonight, ‘The Theory of Everything’.

But as soon as I saw ‘Jonathon’ from the church enter the story, I could guess what really happened.

I’ve seen it so many times – church goers having affairs and breaking up marriages. Not to mention the homosexuality that I noticed in the Church from an early age – I had two lucky escapes with my Bum-hole.

When my present wife and I married, one of the things that we had in common was our Faith in God.

I am now an atheist, but my wife still goes to church.

It would not surprise me if, – at some time, anytime – she were to ask me for a divorce, because she had ‘found someone else’ – at Church !

It took me 60 years to shake off the Christianity that my parents had indoctrinated into me.

I often think of the words of my old maths teacher, Alan Chambers, in my first year at grammar school. Alan was a good teacher, because he mixed a dry subject like Maths with general talks on other things – preparing us for adulthood.

I’ll never forget his words till I die: he said “More people have been killed in the name of religion, than for any other reason, in the history of this world.

May the Force be with you, Alan – wherever you are, now.

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