Womens’ ‘Bits’ (as my wife refers to them)

With the Plethora of T.V. channels churning out useless,facile, Reality and Quiz shows that we have nowadays, is it possible that Women could have their own channel – dedicated to ‘Womens’ ‘Bits’, please ?

I was just sipping on the froth of a lovely cappuccino when an advert comes on – “Vagisin” – for womens’ itchy, dry and/or smelly pipework. Yes, of course women need these things like ‘Tena’ pads and whatever, but please – not when I’m eating.

Of course, you could say that I shouldn’t be eating or drinking in front of the telly, but then I would have to borrow your ears for several hours while I regaled you about the ‘Good Old Days’, when families (what are they ?) used to sit around the table in the ‘Dining Room’ – and Talked to eachother.

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