Thoughts on Astrophysics

If light is the fastest thing in the universe, then surely it must be travelling faster than the universe is expanding – even though we know that the speed at which the galaxies are travelling away from us/eachother is accelerating, exponentially.

So, what happens when light hits the outer envelope of the ever-expanding universe ? Does it go beyond the universe – in which case does anything exist beyond the universe – or is light reflected/refracted by the universe’s envelope, back into the universe ?

If the latter, could that be the source of ‘Dark Energy’ ? And since energy and matter are inter-changeable, then could this reflected light also be the source of ‘Dark Matter’ ?

What happens when the speed of the expanding universe approaches the speed of light, because we know that as a body theoretically approaches the speed of light, that body gets heavier – and so on repeatedly, because no body can ever quite reach the speed of light.

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