British Legal System “Best in the World” (or so we are all brain-washed to believe)

I may Have blogged about this before : if so, then it emphasises the strength of feeling that I have on the subject.

Court Clerks in England have a great deal of Power : they can choose to defer certain cases until a particularly severe Judge is due to sit at a particular City.

Since Medical doctors now have to have statistics based on their surgical performances made public, then why should the judiciary not be compelled to have their sentencing records placed in the Public Domain also ?

In Gloucester, there is a particular District court judge, DJ Singleton, who has no Sympathy with people who fall behind in their mortgage payments, and has them evicted from their homes and their children turned out onto the streets as soon as he can. We all know what can happen to children sleeping ‘Rough’ on the streets.

It is a Classic example of judges decisions giving rise to concomitant offences, that kick people down into a swirling vortex of crime, for the rest of their lives.

British judges ought to spend at least a month in a British prison (under a false mane) to experience the damage that they do daily, to people whom they sentence to incarceration.

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