Just one aspect of Corruption in British Prisons ?

if an inmate wishes to purchase anything, using their private money, whilst in prison they can only do it from Argos or Amazon through the Prison.

This means that when you receive YOUR Purchase, you don’t get any guarantee on the product you have paid for – because the purchase was done in either the prison’s name or the Prison Officers’ Association name.

Now, across the country, that is an Huge account with Argos and Amazon in either the Government’s name or the P.O.A.’s name.

Now, no-one is going to convince me that such a huge account with Argos and Amazon doesn’t come without huge bonuses for the nominal account holder.

My question is this : what perks do the Govt. and/or the P.O.A. receive from Argos and Amazon in return for their huge account purchases made with Inmates Monies ?

6 thoughts on “Just one aspect of Corruption in British Prisons ?”

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    1. Many people around the world think that Britain is a great place to live – because our Establishment and governments put out that crap propaganda. I love my Country, but it is not a Democracy : there is much corruption, a brutal legal and prison system and with cameras all over this country – watching everything we do – this country is a POLICE STATE owned by one scrounging and parasitic family.

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