Scottish Independance

Let’s be clear about one thing : Scotland came into Union with England in 1707 because Scotland was BANKRUPT !

The Scots had lost ALL their money in the ‘Darien’ scheme on the isthmus of Panama where they had hoped to found an overseas colony.

Scotland was on it’s knees and we bailed them out. So, while banging on about independence, is Scotland prepared to repay the cost of England Bailing them out in 1707 Plus all the accrued interest ?

Secondly, Every Scottish person receives more financial help than each English person, under The Barnett Rule. Joel Barnet has been dead for several years, and I for one, am sick of subsidising the whinging Scottish Nationalists. It’s time the Barnet rule was scrapped.

Lastly, it’s obvious that with the present price of oil, if the Scots had won their Independence referendum, then they would now be begging us to take them back into the Union.

Scottish Nationalists live in a self-delusionary world.

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