May seeks Election in June

Just goes to show that you can’t believe a word that politicians say. I can hardly agree with the decision, because I agreed with all the reasons she was giving a few weeks ago NOT to have one.
It’s unnecessary and a huge waste of money in these Austerity times : these politicians can always find some money from ‘down the back of the sofa’ when they want to.

I think the reason is personal Vanity – akin to the royal family’s obsession with the letters ‘HRH’. Theresa May wants to win an election in her own Right: that’s why Churchill hung on long after he was capable of doing The Job of running the country, – and, of course she will remember that Gordon Brown probably made a huge mistake when he dithered and then ‘blinked first’ about calling a General election in late 2007.

I agree with what she was saying a few weeks ago: an expensive and unnecessary distraction from the Brexit negotiations.

Having had a couple of hours to think about this more, the P.M. may see this as a good time to finish off UKIP while the deeply tarnished PN is in charge, and before UKIP have the chance to replace him with Suzanne Evans, who is the leader that UKIP Should have chosen.

Farage didn’t want to be eclipsed by Suzanne, that’s why he suspended her.

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