The BBC – rotten to the core

I had been a supporter of the BBC all my life, until I’ve gradually come to re-think my stance :

The BBC was always reliable for truth: in the 1960’s we had ‘The Wars of the Roses in black and white and then in 1970, in colour, we had the 2 wonderful productions of the ‘Six Wives of Henry the 8th’ followed by a brilliant performance by Glenda Jackson in ‘Elizabeth R’
All good factual stuff.
I was appalled by Michael Hirst’s ‘The Tudors’ in 2008 : how could an Oxford Don prostitute our History and the once reliable BBC even broadcast it : Henry’s elder sister Margaret marrying and killing the king of Portugal before re-marrying Charles Brandon !

Kids watching that will think it is true – afterall, the BBC always broadcasts truthful British History – didn’t it ?

It was Henry’s younger sister Mary Rose, whose second husband was Charles Brandon. Margaret married James 4th of Scotland and is the direct ancestor of our present Parasites in ‘Buck Hice’.According to The Chronicles of Hirst – our present thieving , tax-dodging monarch was never born !

What rubbish will school kids write in their history exams having watched that Fiction, believing it to be true ?

When I complained to the BBC they said “Oh – well it was only Entertainment, it was never meant to be Factual.

My god ! just who can you trust these days ?

Then I was pissed off to learn that that Wanker Jonafon Waas was getting £15 million per year from our Licence fees.


When the next generation is being told to expect to have to change jobs once or twice during their working lives, why should BBC employees or permanent free-lancers have a JOB FOR LIFE at OUR expence ? I say give BBC personnel a 15 year contract and then they have to leave – never to work for the Corporation again, to make way for other equally capable persons.

As it stands, there are two main ways into the BBC :

1) Private education/Oxbridge and
2) Nepotism e.g. Justin Webb and Fern Britton – can anybody explain to me just what Talent that woman has, except that she is the daughter of Tony Britton ?

Do the female reporters and news-readers get a bigger clothing allowance than the men ?

Why do we need two people sitting on a couch in a tweedle-Dee – tweedle Dum cross-fire of news-bites, when just one Newsreader used to be adequate.

It seems that whenever I switch on Radio 4 or BBC T.V. it is either the talentless David Mitchell or his slut of a wife Victoria – daughter of Allen Corin
(nepotism again, you see) – hosting another stupid, low-budget game show. I’m beginning to think that that couple OWN the bloody BBC.

And what about that Mark Thompson who paid himself a telephone number salary, due to lack of supervision by the BBC Trust, Chaired by Chris Patton, and then Thompson skipped off to America with his pockets Bulging with OUR money.

I’ve sadly but definitely fallen out of Love with my old BBC – the roll-model of my childhood.

P.S. Hirst’s “Vikings” – how can a Father put his daughter (Maude) on-screen full-frontal, stark naked – furry ‘carpet’ ‘n all ? What kind of a Father is this perverted Oxford Don ?

Having said that, old Helen Mirren was not backward in getting all her ‘Kit’ off (e.g. “Savage Messiah”) – so maybe it will be Dame Maude ?

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