The ‘Wicked’ British population

Per 100,000 of population, Britain jails it’s own people more than all countries in the rest of the world – except America and Russia. WORSE THAN EVEN CHINA

Is that something to be proud of ? How come we are more ‘criminal’ than the rest of Europe ?

I believe that there are 2 reasons for the british obsession with Prison:
1. It goes back to the Draconian Georgian legal period when you could be hung for stealing property worth more than about a shilling (can’t be exact without ‘googleing’ it). In class-ridden Britain,
Property has always been more important than human life – because it was the Landed Gentry who had all the Land and property and a father could be hung for poaching on the ‘Lord’s’ land in desperation for trying to feed his family.

2. Europe suffered under the Nazi Jackboot and in doing so, Europe learned the value of Human Life and indeed, of Humanity itself. Isolated Britain, like the Nazis, has always ‘Honoured’ Death, but never learned to understand the Value of Life.

Consequently, Britain jails people as a First resort, whereas Europe jails people as a LAST resort.

(I’m a Brexiteer, but I do worry that we will move closer to America and their Ridiculous sentences of 120 years and other such nonsense of their ‘justice’ system).

The british ‘Establishment’ scratch their heads to try and understand why so many people that they send to prison re-offend ?
They approach the problem from the wrong end : recruiting prison officers from the armed forces doesn’t help, because then you’re expecting thugs who have spent 15 or 25 yrs in the armed forces learning how to kill people, to suddenly become humane individuals interested in re-habilitating people.

At the moment, we are running at, at least 85,000 people in our ‘Victorian’ prisons – probably much more.
Incidentally, our oldest and worst prison, Dartmoor, cannot be shut down because it belongs to prince Charles – as part of the duchy of Cornwall. He gets £4 million per year for Dartmoor (from the Justice Department) and Charlie needs this money for his ‘loose change’.

Blind David Blunkett’s blind justice Bill of 2003 only worsened the prison population and stripped away the Defendant’s Rights that Margaret Thatcher had introduced in the early 1980’s.
So, British governments look up their Arses for the solution to the ever-rising prison population :
They don’t realise that it is Fear of the ‘Unknown’ that is the Deterrent in any situation. If you send a person to prison for a first offence, then they get to know prison, they understand how to get through it, and it is not a Deterrent any more.

So the ‘Hangers and Floggers’ of the British establishment look up their Arses and see the only Solution to the ever-growing prison population to be MORE thugs recruited from retiring ex-armed forces trained-killers. And they wonder why so many prisoners return to prison.

Prison only works if it is Fear of the Unknown.Once you’ve sent somebody to prison, – then it is no longer a Deterrent. Simple eh ?

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