Careers to Work for FREE ?

What planet do the 2010 onward U.K. administrations come from ? Would the P.M. or all the M.P.’s work all the Hours that careers do for nothing ?

I can think of many places where the Government could find the money to pay for careers AND pay Disabled people a Dignified income :

– what about that £76 Mill that the Queen has just been given for repairs to ‘Buck Hice’

– What about the £360 million that those Parasites cost US per year

– stopping all overseas aid whilst there are homeless and Disabled people in financial distress in THIS country – Charity begins AT HOME !

– what about a freeze on Doctors’ salaries for 10 years – in order to give everybody else a chance to catch up with the Ridiculous Hike in salary ( and the removal of a G.P.’s Obligation to look after their patients out of hours )that Gordon Brown gave them

– freezing Judges and Lawyers salaries – and forcing them to take on Legal aid cases

As for their threats to go abroad – let them. BUT they pay back ALL their education fees, with Interest.

There is no lack of capable indigenous people in this country ready to take their places for a lesser salary and who have got there through MERIT – and NOT Eton, Harrow, Oxbridge and the other ‘Old Boy networks’.

It’s the 21st Century, and way after-time that Monarchy, unelected Lords and the ‘Old Boy networks were done away with in order to make this Great country a True Democracy and not a Counterfeit one.

William the Vth ? More like Mohammed the 1st !

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