Quiet Good Friday

Had just finished watching the aftermath of Ragnar’s failed re-attack on Paris and thought I would catch up with the T.V. News on this quiet pre-Anastasia day….

I thought I was still watching Vikings !

Yanks drop a mega bomb; is ‘Donald Duck’ going to take out that fratricidal nutcase in North Korea; everybody fighting everybody in Syria; Manchester SPICE addicts likely to attack paramedics (when I went up to M/c. Uni 40 years ago, an ex-Mancunian friend told me to always carry a knife down my boot – actually I found the most dangerous thing about M/c. was the sexual predatory female students – especially female medics – ( away from ‘Mom and Dad’ for the first time); take your dog to work ( I thought that part of the idea of having a dog was to protect the home – but I suppose ubiquitous alarms have negated that now).

Anyway, after all the violence on the BBC news, I’m going back to watch the Relatively quiet story of Ragnar’s Return !

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