Our Wonderful British police

AS I have already said, no country is better than the British at self-deluding propaganda.

And didn’t even the wives, mothers and children of the SS proudly kiss their ‘men'(dressed in their smart Hugo Boss-designed black uniforms ) ‘goodbye’ every morning, little knowing the Atrocities that their menfolk would commit at ‘work’ ?

So it is with our police (remember – no british soldier would ever murder a wounded prisoner in ‘Cold Blood’ would they ?

Her are some photos of what the Cheltenham police did to me – a 58 year old man on crutches, and Registered Disabled at the “Higher Rate”

When I told the Magistrates that I would get the photos published in the national press – the case against me was strangely dropped !

And though I have rung about 250 solicitors around the country – none of them will take on my private prosecution of the Police.
And when I tried to do it myself, in the Small Claims Court – District Judge Singleton (Gloucester) entered into a Conspiracy with his old mate High Court Judge Denyer (Bristol) to slap a Civil Order of Restraint on me,- stopping me from bringing ANY cases in the small claims court for 2 years

But afterall, – Don’t we British have the Best Police and best judicial system in the world ??

Here are some of the injuries that the Cheltenham police inflicted on me.

But worse than that, they ransacked my home WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT and stole my Grandfather’ WW1 Medals – wich are irreplaceable and which I now cannot pass down to my family

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