Alexander Blackman

WE all know that killing of prisoners has always gone on – just remember Henry Vth, Katyn wood or Malmedy. And let’s be honest, that if you join the armed forces then either you are agreeing to the very real possibility that you may have to kill another human being or else you are one of those human beings who enjoys killing other people and you can do it with impunity in the armed forces.
And for all those women and children who convince themselves that your husband or father or brother would never do such a thing, remember that even the SS soldiers – Waffen and Algemeinen (who staffed the concentration camps) were kissed goodbye, in ignorance, every morning by THEIR relatives, who had no idea of what atrocities their men were committing everyday.

Sergeant Blackman is a victim of the electronic age, because everything he did was recorded. Maybe that was unfortunate for him, but in my opinion the correct verdict based on the evidence WAS Murder. But the British, believing, as always, that Britains can never do any harm and it is only other countries that can commit atrocities, have once again rallied behind SGT. Blackmore’s wife to whip up an high profile campaign, and the weak judges of the supreme court fearful, as always, of public reaction rather than the correct implementation of the law, have weaselly reduced an obvious murder conviction to Manslaughter.

But consider the obvious ramifications of the supreme court’s spineless climb-down.
: what happens next time when we have poked our nose into another country’s affairs and one of OUR wounded soldiers is lying injured on the floor expecting the protection of the Rules of War from his captors ?

This disgraceful revised judgement begs the question – “what is the point of having body cameras if British judges have just ruled that ‘Black’ is really ‘White'” and we must all therefore call black, white when we know from the evidence of our eyes and ears that it is Black.
It’s like when Henry 8th made the whole country swear an oath that his wife was not his wife and that he, Henry was head of the new church.

Obviously our supreme court judges are aping Henry the Monster in a modern version of Tyranny. When a police officer next beats someone to death or Tazers them to death, will their body cameras also prove that the poor officer was suffering from stress or Pre-Menstrual Tension at the time, so it wasn’t really Murder ?

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