Of women

55% of uni graduates are now women. How things have changed since women were allowed to go to Oxford, but were not awarded a degree.

In my lifetime I’ve witnessed the destruction of the Human Family Unit by the woman who financed the invention of the contraceptive pill and Germaine Greer (surely Australia’s revenge on England for Transportation).

Boys/men are encumbered , in education, by the fact that we think of sex about every 7 seconds – well, not so often at my age.

Yes, women have truly become ‘of age’ and are in the ascendancy. This is leading to the exponential extinction of the human species – we won’t last a fraction of the time that the dinosaurs did.

Up until I was 18 years old, I had no experience of the opposite sex and thought that they were all Damsels in tall towers waiting to be rescued by we knights in shining armour.

A school trip to Russia, by coach, made up of 50% boys and 50% girls from local schools opened my eyes : I was seduced by a teacher (from West Bromwich) in a tent in Rumania and when I went on to university, I could not believe the amount of female flesh that was throwing itself at me. (I was a good-looking lad over six foot tall).
Away from their parents for the first time, all the women went straight down to the ‘Brooks’ clinic in Manchester and got on the Pill.

Why am I writing this. Well, I realised back in the 1970’s that – with the pill and unencumbered by the fear of pregnancy, women are just a voraciously sexual as men.

The old Adage – that ‘sex is the price that women pay for marriage and that marriage is the price that men pay for sex’ is rubbish and was a specious argument for the real explanation that women feared pregnancy before marriage.

Yes, I must get back to why am writing this observation at 4.00 am in the morning. Who writes all the sexual crap these days ?
– WOMEN !:
’50 shades of grey’ and this piece of garbage ‘Harlots’ that I’ve just given up on watching on T.V. – again it’s sexual lasciviousness written by two women, produced by women – all probably living out on a Lesbian Smallholding.

WE were all told that our British women were waiting at home pining for their husbands away fighting for Civilisation itself, during World War 2.
No they were not, those women were fucking the Yanks while their husbands were away !

Men get sent to prison for the same things that women do and get away with. The legal system and Society itself ought to wake up to the 21st Century and recognise that it’s not only men who commit sexual ‘crimes’.

Any man who behaved like Germaine Greer did, would be called a ‘sexual predator’.

It used to be said by 19th century philanthropists and the early Labour party that women were forced into prostitution by poverty. BOLLOCKS !

Look how many women ‘operate’ from home now, drive around in Mercedes Benz’s and STILL claim Unemployment Benefits.

Don’t talk to me of sexual exploitation only being something committed by men. Women have been exploiting men’s sex drive (which made Homo Sapiens
the success that it became) ever since Homo Sapiens evolved.

And these two women that have written this crap ‘Harlots’ are just the 21st century version of their prostitute forbears.

And as for Germaine – well, all the women in the first ships to be Transported to Australia were all going there BECAUSE they WERE Prostitutes.

Plus ca change.

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