Charites – with tax-free status

Charities-Shmarities – many, many of them begging for your money so that the Directors of the charities can pay themselves outrageously high salaries with YOUR MONEY.

Back in the 1960’s I was told that 90% of OXFAM donations went in “Administration”

Why should Private schools for the Rich have Charity Status ? Look at that Chakrabati Bitch (don’t care if I’ve spelt her name wrong) earning so much over the years from Civil Liberties that she’s been sending her kids to private schools with YOUR MONEY – AND now Corbyn has put her in the House of Wankers – sorry,’Lords’

Jeremy – you’ve lost my Vote: we want progress in this country, not sending over-paid cheating wankers to the House of Dossers where they sign in to collect their £300 per day and then rush back to the Taxi that’s been waiting for them whilst they ‘sign in’ – and they will even claim that taxi fare as an expense.
It is NOT wealth that ‘trickles down’. What does trickle down is CORRUPTION, and where a country has a monarchy-there will always be CORRUPTION.

Every charity in this country should be stripped of it’s tax-free status – at a stroke. Then, let them all re-apply for their tax-free status and make them pay for the scrutiny of their re-application.

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