Where is the African Money ?

I’ve been watching T.V. pictures of emaciated, starving and Dehydrated African children for 50 years – since I was a child.
During my lifetime Trillions of $’s have been poured into Africa: where has it all gone ?
I think that there must be several/many ex-African families (whose grandfathers or great grandfathers were African Dictators) living off bulging Swiss bank accounts.
Why can’t the U.N. ( that invariably seems to choose the most inept General Secretaries – e.g. Kofi Anan, who couldn’t organise a ‘piss-up in a brewery’)
Conduct a full scale investigation to find out where those $’s trillions have gone, and obtain planetary-wide authorisation to take back all that money from the families that have profited at the expense of the starving Africans whose fellow countrymen they used to be.

Can anyone name me a successful State in Africa ? the ANC have been in power since the early 1990’s and there are still south Africans who still do not have running water or toiletry facilities in their homes – whilst the Leaders of the ANC have lined their pockets and squabbled over how many ex-white-run Farms they can each accumulate.
I can’t comment on Zimbabwe because I couldn’t find the words to describe Mugabe’s totally corrupt regime which has turned a country that was the ‘Bread-basket ‘of Africa into just a plain Basket-Case.

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