Am I Becoming Anti-Semitic ?

I ask myself this question more and more at a time, coincidentally, when we are told that Anti-Semitism is on the rise again.

One of my Great Grandfathers was an orthodox Jew, but when his first wife died, he ‘kicked over the traces’ and married a communist/catholic young French girl 30 years his junior. I am a descendant of the second marriage, and since Jewishness has always passed through the female (for an obvious obstetric reason) I was brought up as C of E, although I am now probably best described as a Darwinian atheist.

I have been looking at the terrible concentration camp photos since I was 10 yrs old and My knowledge of WW2 could stand up to any TV professional historian in a quiz.
Austria (Hitler’s land of birth) was more anti-Semitic than Germany, in the first half of the last century – and I understand why : Jews, Muslims and other fanatical “religious” sects become unpopular, when in large numbers, because they will not integrate with the indigenous population of a country because they all believe themselves to be THE chosen people of god and so they inevitably ‘look down on’ the people of the country that has given them Hospitality.
Now, a lot of Jews ARE clever e.g. Einstein, and they get themselves into ‘The Professions’ and money-making institutions of Life. and they then in turn, help their fellow Jews into those same institutions, and the anti Jewish Nazis pointed out that Jews in Germany were abundant in the medical and Judicial professions way, way in excess to their overall percentage of Germany’s population.

As an historian, I am pleased that it was my country that gave the Jews their Homeland back. I am a supporter of Israel – but I can’t help feeling sorrow for the displaced Palestinians : afterall, – should we give England back to the Welsh, who are probably the original Celtic Britons ?

Any person that puts their religion before loyalty to their country cannot be a true Patriot. I’m not familiar with Jewish weekly Sabbaths – they could all dance naked round the dinner table for all I know – but I believe that they drink a Toast saying “Next year in Jerusalem”.
Well, as a member of the country that was most influential in giving the scattered Jewish people their own homeland back (the Balfour Declaration) I can’t help thinking – ‘well look, you’ve got your Israel back now, so why don’t you all go back their then?’ I could exist without Nigella Lawson’s endless cooking programmes.
(did you notice that she wasn’t prosecuted for COCAINE use – because she is part of a powerful Jewish network in this country)

I think what has concentrated my mind on the subject recently, is the Philip Greene shananingans and the fact that we in this country are now feeling the back-wash of Thatcher’s Disastrous Privatisation Scam. And who advised her to embark on that disastrous path – Nigel Lawson and Thatcher’s guru, Keith Joseph.Both men being Jews of course.
Edward 1st kicked them out; Oliver Cromwell let them back in again. But I’m beginning to wish that they would all voluntarily go back to their place of origin – Israel.

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