Air Polution

When cutting up cadavers 40 years ago, we were shown the difference between the Pink lungs of a country dweller and the black lungs of a city/town dweller. We were told that diesel ‘particulates’ were particularly bad and carcinogenic. My part-time job at a fuel station brought home to me the damage that diesel could do to your skin.
I was therefore puzzled by being told by our Government some yrs ago, that Diesel vehicles were much improved and were ‘The Future’ (Put not your trust in princes and governments).So far, you might think that I am in favour of cars that ‘cut out’ when stationary. Well, I hired a Merc. for a day and found it to be really irritating.

But apart from that, there is always another side to most arguments. Start-up, requires the 12volt battery to surge 50% thus putting strain on it. Also, start-up requires a large gulp of fuel – and therefore, a large output of Emission. ‘The truth is never Pure and Rarely Simple.’

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