John Bercow is a disgrace

In the armed forces, you salute the Rank – not the person.

John Bercow’s Diminutive claim to fame (apart from being married to a gobby bitch who has shamelessly bathed in his office’s reflected Glory ) is supposed to be as a politically neutral servant of the House of Commons.
Donald trump is the legally elected representative of the Country that has saved Europe on two occasions and is the most generous country in the History of this Planet. Like him or not, he represents the Best friends this country has ever had – thank god we lost the war of Independence.

Little Bercow should be reminded of Speaker Lenthall’s words to the Arrogant Charles 1st. Bercow is a disgrace to his Office and this Nation, and he should resign or be forced out of office.

Off with his head – if you can find an executioner with long enough arms to reach down that far.

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