DOCTORS – We want value for money

Every woman has the Right to see a female Doctor.
55% of all university entrants are now women
But, there is a rumour – which may be right or wrong (because the ordinary person cannot obtain the statistics) that 50% of female medical graduates give up medicine to become wives and mothers: if true, this could account for the lack of G.P.s viz a viz the number of medical graduates and if true, this could be distorting the Governments long-term projections for medical care for future increasing populations.

Also, it is unacceptable that Dr’s and medical students should demonstrate and threaten the government to go abroad (as a dental student, I didn’t have the time to go on Demonstrations and I always stayed faithful to the N.H.S. that trained me).

ALL Dr.s graduating from British medical schools should sign a contract to devote the first 10 years after their qualification to the N.H.S. that trained them at enormous expense.
Those who do not comply and those who give up the profession early – for no good reason – should be made to repay all their training expenses – plus a suitable fine.

It is a Privilage to be a Dr. – not a Right.

In the front of my Private Pilot’s Licence it stresses that to hold a Pilot’s Licence is a Privilege – and the same goes for D.r.s

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