Bloody B.T.

If there’s one thing that makes my ‘Hackles’ rise more than Kinnock – it’s B.T.

More and more, as the years go by, we see what a dreadful prime minister Thatcher was : and I used to vote for her !
Old Macmillan told her not to sell off the ‘Family Silver’, so she shut him up by making him Earl Stockton.
The sell-off of British Rail was as bad and illogical as the sell off of B.T. – both Railtrack and B.T. had the in-built monopoly of the monopoly of the Lines.
Not only did B.T. hold this country back buy not laying-out fibre cables for 2 decades – BECAUSE THEY HAD NO COMPETITION – but, by keeping their copper cables in the ground whilst the price of copper sky-rocketed, gave B.T. a Double Whammy Bonanza.
They have so much money that their directors not only pay themselves in ‘telephone numbers’ but they now outbid “Sky”, so boosting the already obscene salaries of teenage Premier footballers.

How come that we allow a monopolistic phone company to interfere in the football market?

What does that black woman in charge of ‘OFFCOM” (at a salary of £275,000/year) do to earn HER telephone-number salary?

She said that she would make B.T. sell off ‘Openreach: and then she went back on it.
Get rid of her and break B.T. Up !

And do you know that B.T. still gets subsidies from the Government for laying the fibre cables down ?!

My line rental has just gone up, since B.T. gobbled up “EE”

B.T. now has such a strangle-hold on the phone market, that they can just put our line rentals up and up with impunity, to further boost footballers salaries.

Why bother going to University, when you can earn a life-time’s fortune in about 10 years as a footballer ?

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