Today’s Exam Results

To those of you who may view my Blog, you will see that I am not a prolific blogger – I only write when I think that I have something useful to say.
I have spoken before how – just because Hitler got Eugenics a bad name, doesn’t mean that in principle, he was wrong: Evolution is governed by Fitness to Survive in a changing environment and EUGENICS.
THEY ARE the facts of Life on this planet and you cannot battle against them by talking Politically Correct Nonsense.
Today’s disastrous exam figures only corroborate what I have been saying for at least 40 years i.e. that the unrestricted immigration of Caribbeans since 1948 has severely lowered this country’s genetic Gene-Pool.
As children, they were always disruptive in class, so hindering the educational progress of ethnic native British children and they have always grown up to be drug-taking, drop-out, ‘no-goods’

Unrestricted immigration has brought this country down to it’s knees.

For those of you who believe that a few Olympic medals have been worth the Damage that these caribbeans – with their indigenous high rate of mental illness (due to cannibalism ref.the cause of BSE) have done to the genetic Intelligence of this country – Well you are now Reaping that which you Sowed.

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