Provoking Russia

I return to the subject of the “West’s” unjustifiable antagonism towards Russia.

I am not a communist by any means – and only 10 per cent of Russian’s are Party members, But I have been to Russia and I know the Russian people: they are not two-headed ogres, but among the friendliest people that I have ever met. A Russian friend is a friend for Life – and they will do anything for you.

I have written before about the common market morphing from a trading block into the E.U. which is a political organisation whose raison d’etre seems to be to encroach upon Russia’s borders to deliberately annoy and provoke Russia.

Only today,as I write this, NATO is wasting huge amounts of money by carrying out War Exercises on the Russian Border.

I would like to remind my readers that during WW2, at any one time, – Russia was holding down an average of 64 Nazi Divisions that could have been turned against Us.

Personally, I would be more worried about the aggressive expansion of China, rather than trying to tweak Russia’s nose all the time. Are we trying for Iraq mark 2 – i.e. regime change in Russia ?

This is written by a person who knows Russia: it is a beautiful country with extraordinarilly friendly people, and more westerners should go on holiday there to improve relations between the “West” and Russia. If you ever go there, then you will have a wonderful time.

Do not believe the anti-Russian propaganda that our countries in the “West” try to Brainwash us with to make us anti-Russian.

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