My circle of friends and I – who have intermittently discussed the Iraq situation over the last 13 years, were pleasantly surprised – and amazed at Chilcot’s detailed Honesty.
We are all used to government cover-ups as being the ‘Norm’.
Of course, because Chilcot was not a judicial enquiry, it cannot be obviously used to take legal action against Blair, Jack Straw or Allistair Campbell ( who started his journalistic life writing fictional Pornography for the magazine “Forum”.It’s a mark of Blair’s integrity that he should have employed such a person in the Heart of Government.)
But Chilcot was always going to be a ‘Heads we win, Tails you Lose’ : because I can assure that if a Judge had been in charge of the Enquiry then it WOULD have been a Whitewash – that’s what judges always due. They are taught on their first day at university to never admit anything. On qualifying they take an oath to always support the monarchy -and with it, the Establishment.

Chilcot (a retired civil servant) may not be enforceable, but we must all thank him for his unexpected Honesty.

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