The Beginning of the Fall of the New Roman Empire – or The Glory that was the EU

‘Let all the poisons that are in the mud – hatch out’

‘Those who do not learn from History are bound to re-live it’

This elderly Blogger has been Republican since he was old enough to know the difference between right and wrong and vehemently anti-immigration since he was a very young teenager.
He voted Yes in 1975 because he believed what Edward Heath told us i.e.that the ‘Common Market ‘ was a limited block of western European countries who could trade together and act as a Counter-weight to America and the Soviet Block.

Either Heath did not understand what he was signing or else he lied to Us.

Since then, the ‘Common Market’ has changed it’s name several times as it Morphed into a political conspiracy – run by nameless and unelected, greedy and corrupt, unaccountable, faceless, whole of Life professional politicians – like Cameron (completely removed from the life of an ordinary European) – a conspiracy to pick off, one by one, the ex Warsaw-Pact countries – and even parts of ‘Mother Russia herself (e.g. the Ukraine) in order to tweak Russia’s nose, by building an anti-Russian (and ungovernable) Monolith right up to Russia’s borders.

In the last 40 odd years, we’ve gone from the ‘Workshop of the World’ to a waste tip and mecca for scroungers.
What the Kaiser and Hitler failed to achieve, Angela Merkel now presides over – ‘Deutschland Uber Alles’

We should have had a Referendum in 1989/90 when Germany re-united.

This week, this Blogger took his Revenge for the Lies sold to us in the 70’s. – by voting LEAVE.

Just as Rome devalued ‘Roman Citizenship’ by allowing in, and ‘buying off’ the invading Hordes by giving them that valuable Roman Citizenship, so Britain has devalued the Blue British Passport by giving it to all the Dross from the old Empire.
Then, in addition, we gave up that Precious and Valued Blue Passport for a worthless maroon version that now invades our Privacy with hidden digital information about the Holder AND which also allowed in all the Dross from Eastern Europe, – a Double Whammy – so that these small islands now have a bigger population than enormous France.

Let’s be honest about ‘Eugenics’. Just because Hitler got it a bad name, you cannot fight Nature – which ruthlessly operates on Evolution, by ‘Fitness to survive in a changing environment’ and Eugenics.

This Tuberculosis-free country of my childhood now has rising numbers of T.B. and Ocular diseases brought in from the Indian sub-continent and rising cases of Mental illness and Sickle-Cell Anemia which are common in Caribbean communities. This has de-graded the gene-pool of this once unique, inventive and thrusting small Nation.

Let our Politicians, who tell us that immigration is wonderful for the economy, give us the True economic cost to US, of these immigrants, on our N.H.S and grossly overblown and crumbling accompanying Infrastructure.

And while on the subject, – can we please be told the True cost of Security provided for an ever-enlarging royal family ? Mind you, I expect that they will at last go, when we become ‘The Islamic Republic of Great Britain’.

Watch out for your Hands and Feet !

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