The Red Button

So they want to get rid of the Red Button – so useful to those of us who can’t afford a “Sky” Sports Package – and preserve ‘Strictly CUM Dancing’!

I grew up with the BBC, when there were only two TV channels. I love the BBC and certainly do NOT travel with those Tory M.P.s who are in Murdoch’s pocket and so seek to drag the BBC down.

But I do sometimes worry about the people who run the BBC – and it IS greatly over-manned with a “just write down your telephone number and we’ll pay it to you as your Salary” attitude.

Nepotism or scholarship/Oxbridge and a Job For Life is how the BBC recruits people to it’s Ivory Towers.

Call me Mr Minority, but everyone I know was bored rigid with “Strictly” before the end of the 2nd series. The programme seems to have become a self-generating, self-perpetuating Leviathan: it needs to be ‘put down’, so that we can all be relieved of our suffering.

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