Colonial France

I’m sorry, but France has a “Thing about” Syria as her old Colony. She seized it at Versailles in 1919 and cannot seem to let it go. Despite France’s poor showing in WW2, she again grabbed it back in 1945 along with Indochina – where she received an humiliating drubbing from the Viet-cong.

As for President Hollande – well we all know that when you are unpopular at Home, Politicians distract their population with a Foreign War. It’s one of the oldest political tricks in the book. Hollande is as guilty as Tony Blair, and Monsieur le President has brought this terrorism down on his own people.
His response is typically primitive – more of the same.
This response reminds me of Hitler’s rantings in the “Sportsplatz”, following us dropping bombs on Germany for the first time.

The events in Paris were an atrocity, But how many innocent civilians has Hollande killed in Syria as “Collateral Damage” ?
The answer is that all western powers should stop interfering in other countries and trying to impose our corrupt form of Democracy on them.

Let’s get out – and keep out. Let them sort themselves out. BUT always with the Proviso that if our intelligence services ever think that anyone in the Middle East poses a IMMINENT threat to this Country, then we Reserve the Right to blast them off the face of the Earth with a Nuclear Strike.

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