Land Theft

I’ve made this point before – that throughout written history, France (because of it’s size) has had 5 X the population of England and that now we both have 66,000,000 !
And those numbers are only the ones that we Know about. Descendants of this choking, swallowing-up-of-England immigration will all have aspiration for land of their own
But despite the exponential rise in population, neither the queen;the duchies of Cornwall and Lancashire, nor the “aristos” have yielded any of their historic stolen hundreds of thousands of acres of OUR Land.

These royals and aristos have become “Immovable” objects – unchallenged by successive compliant, royal-arse-licking governments
This immovable minority has become obnoxious – in the 21st Century and their greed is an human indignity to the rest of us.

When an immovable object refuses to move, then it must be removed by Force by the common will of the people – who will have to take matters into their own hands,
since our sychophantic governments cannot be relied on to do so.+

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